Why Choose Portland Business Consulting?

Results. I am so confident in my experience and relationships that if I cannot find a 10% or greater cost savings for a cost review or negotiations, my time is free.

Partnership. We are living in unprecedented times. I am 100% committed to the success of my partners as if it were my own business. I work to build relationships and community for long-term sustainable outcomes. Without you, there is no us. 

Customer Service. We have exceptionally high expectations of ourselves and we want to share our standards with you. If we can help you deliver a phenomenal end to end customer service experience, everybody wins.

Community. Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our local economies. I've seen first hand how financial mismanagement has driven economic uncertainty into the homes of my friends and their families. All of which could have been avoided with stronger financial controls and spending discipline.

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Bryan Cheney has been working in the Portland, Oregon market for the past 14 years, spending time with large publicly traded Fortune 500 companies as well as small privately held companies.