• Bryan Cheney

Tablet Savings - $6K & unlimited data.

This is a pretty short story, so here goes.

I was working with a startup company. We found when we were working on the ERP implementation that there was the possibility to elevate the customer service and customer delivery function if there was digital technology in the field.

With COVID-19, there is also a high customer sensitivity to sanitized surfaces and safety (as there should be). Having a sales person work with their customer using the phone they just pulled out of their pocket didn't seem like the best solution.

There is a fantastic sales representative that I work with at Verizon for my business needs and companies I work with.

I reached out to him and asked what he could do for me. He didn't disappoint.

The company I was working with had a need for about 20 tablets for its various sales and other field staff. Verizon was able to get us 8.4" Galaxy Tab A tablets for $50 each and unlimited data for $20/month plus taxes.

That's a $6,000 savings, 4G coverage that could also be used as a hot spot, and tablet that can be wiped down in front of the customer so they are getting a fresh, clean, safe surface to work with. The company gets better, real time data and updates and the customer gets to be taken care of safely.

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