• Bryan Cheney

Wireless Restructure - $84K Annual Savings

Earlier in my career I was handed a company cell phone bill. The monthly bill was about $28K as it covered all of the users in the Portland area for Precision Castparts Corporation. As I would come to find out, the expectation was that I would reduce the bill by about $500/month. Instead I found $7,000 in savings. Read more below.


Precision Castparts Corporation has multiple manufacturing locations around the Portland, Oregon metro area. The corporate headquarters was also located in Portland, Oregon. There were several hundred users on the AT&T wireless plan.


One of the biggest discoveries I made during my research process was that there was no standardization or restriction of who could get a phone, or what plan they should have. Nobody ever reviewed the bill as there were more important tasks at hand, so it had slowly grown out of control over time.

The IT Department managing the process were not managing the process as they were understaffed and simply did whatever someone told them. When an employee was terminated, there was no standardized process defined that notified IT when an employee left the company. Sometimes it would happen, sometimes it wouldn't.


I connected with the business sales representative to understand what all of our options were. The company setup was actually pretty solid. However, so many different users had been added as their own user, there were thousands of minutes and GB's of data that were billed but went unused


In conjunction with the sales rep, we were able to consolidate users into the appropriate group plans and still leave a 20% buffer for minutes and data overage while also saving the company $7K/month and $84K annualized.

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