Cost Review

What is a Cost Review? 

A cost review is simply as analysis of how your company spends its money.


For most companies the single biggest cost drivers are labor and materials (raw or finished goods). And a lot of the time there isn't a whole lot that can be done in these areas. Sometimes, but not always.

With the different companies we've worked with, we've found hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted in the general and administrative section of a company's income statement (profit and loss statement or P&L). 

These are things like:

  • Raw & Finished Goods Materials

  • Payroll Administration Costs

  • Banking

  • Vehicles and related purchases

    • Capital vehicle purchases​

    • Fuel Card (if at all) and their mismanagement

    • Preventative Maintenance (or not)

  • Wireless ​

  • ​ISP (Internet Service Provide)​

  • Office Supplies

  • Freight and Logistics