Portland Business Consulting

Portland Business Consulting is a sole proprietorship dedicated to the success and sustainability of small and medium-sized businesses. It is these businesses that create the foundation and backbone of our local economies.

But, these businesses typically do not have large budgets or excess cash to spend on high priced help to move their organizations forward or insulate themselves from the next crisis.

Portland Business Consulting fills the void between expensive consulting firms and business owners and leaders who feel like more could be accomplished if there was just a bit more cash on hand at the end of the day. 

As a contingency-based company, revenue is generated purely from the cost savings generated greater than 10% savings.

The typical outcomes are a 10%-30% reduction in cost for our focus areas without a headcount reduction or loss of services across the company. Please take a look at our Success Stories link to read more.

Who is Bryan?

Bryan Cheney is local to the Portland, Oregon market. He has spent his career finding value and accomplishing tasks and goals that others thought to be impossible. What does that mean? 

When working for Precision Castparts, he found a way to reduce the company's cell phone bill by $7,000/month, reduced operational costs at a Washington plant by more than 15%, and streamlined labor costs in Portland by more than $125,000 in a single quarter with increased throughput and without headcount reductions.

While working for Randstad US, he partnered with Vesta in Tigard to double the staff and help achieve call center productivity for the first time in 4 years.

While working for Wall to Wall Tile & Stone, he found a way to accurately forecast material needs and waste factor which saved 20% in materials purchasing costs as well as helped curb inventory growth.


Services Offered

Every business spends money. We find ways to maximize every dollar spent. 


In most instances we find a way to add value, products, or services without increasing cost and in many instances reduce overall spend.


“When Bryan took over the financial function of the business we saw a 20% reduction in operational expenses and overall material waste in less than 3 months. About $120K saved.”

CEO of regional Portland Construction Company


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